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4Networks.co.uk is an eVAR bringing value and expertise to the resale of network & datacentre solutions.  Founded upon 15 years of industry experience, we combine the convenience, simplicity and value of dot com resellers, with the service and expertise of premium VARs.  We offer in-depth product knowledge to help you select the best possible product or solution for your business.  4Networks.co.uk is here to save you time, improve the design of your network & datacentre infrastructure and enhance your IT procurement experience.  We closely partner with a select group of industry leading vendors and service providers to add real value to what we offer.  We take a pride in what we do meaning our service doesn’t stop when you settle your invoice.  We rapidly and conscientiously respond to your requests, help you develop and expand your infrastructure to meet your business demands, deliver expert professional services nationwide and ensure that your service contracts and software agreements stay up to date.  Contact us via phone, email or our website to find out what we can do for you.



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The HPE Renew program offers you a comprehensive portfolio of completely remanufactured HPE products at reduced prices. HPE warranty is assured as all HPE Renew products undergo the same rigorous process as for new products.

We are able to offer the very latest technology as more than 80% of the product portfolio is less than 12 months old. Products are sourced from returned demonstration / loaner equipment or factory excess. Some is also sourced from customer returns and trade-in programs.

Benefits to you:

Original HPE quality and reliability
Extensive product portfolio
Latest and older generation technology available
Complete HPE warranty, service and support options
HPE finance packages available
More than 80% are less than 12 months old or even brand new
Excellent price-performance ratio
Same performance as new products
Competitive prices

*Please note that HPE Renew orders are subject to availability and a 2 week lead time may apply. Call to confirm.

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